Canadian Sport Instute

Performance Services

Performance Services is the foremost pillar of service at the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary, partnering world leading service providers and National Sport Organizations to deliver targeted training and support services for high performance athletes and their teams. We focus on crucial areas of performance including: Sport Medicine, Sport Science, Strength and Conditioning, Sport Psychology, Biomechanics, and Nutrition. Our aim is always to provide an integrated and supportive environment in which anything is possible.

Under the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary Performance Service leadership team, athletes and coaches work with over 75 sport experts who operate as Integrated Support Teams (IST). Optimal individualized and team training and recovery programs are generated in a proactive environment that is informed by the latest technological and scientific research, developments and equipment.

Sport Performance Lab

Much of our sport science takes place in the Sport Performance Lab, where every aspect of the athletes’ physical state and athletic performance can be tested, monitored and improved, from their technical efficiency to their physiology to the effect of environmental changes.


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