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Strength and Power Performance Course May 2017

May 1 – 5, 2017 $995   
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The CSI Calgary Strength and Power Performance Course is an exciting educational opportunity combining experience in a real world high performance training environment with classroom knowledge translation and the ability to exchange training ideas and philosophy with some of Canada’s top strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches.

Go beyond fads and gimmicks - learn the applied science of strength and power training and how to properly integrate different skill sets such as programming and movement assessments into a cohesive training philosophy.

The course is led by Dr. Matt Jordan, CSI Calgary Director, Strength and Conditioning, who works with high performance athletes in Alpine, Cross Country skiing and Speed Skating. Matt brings an impressive breadth and depth of knowledge through his 18 years of experience working with elite Olympic & Paralympic athletes.

Learn how to:
• Assess,
• Monitor,
• Program, and
• Deliver strength and power training to improve athlete performance.

Focus on the art of strength and conditioning including skills for programming athletes in speed/power, endurance, and in late stages of rehabilitation to get back to the podium. Generate new knowledge and understanding through applied strength and power research.

“Attending the CSI Calgary Strength & Power Performance Course was an invaluable experience. Matt Jordan and his team do a phenomenal job of balancing the art & science of coaching elite athletes while maintaining an integrated structure with all support staff. Seeing this type of work in action provides an understanding that is unattainable through more formalized educational platforms.

I would highly recommend this course to future and current coaches of any discipline, allied sport performance professionals and I myself will certainly be attending again in the near future!”

Jason Hettler
Strength & Power Coach


2017 03 03 SPP Course Location

The CSI Calgary is Canada’s premiere winter sport training institute in the High Performance Training Centre at WinSport in Calgary, Alberta. Home to Canada’s most successful winter Olympic sports, CSI Calgary is a hub for world-class research and application in the strength and power coaching discipline. Our space includes a 20,000 square foot training area with 12 Olympic lifting platforms and squat rack stations, an integrated sport medicine clinic, strength and power laboratory, exercise physiology laboratory, biomechanics laboratory and 110 meter Mondo track.

 8:30-9:45 On the floor shadowing CSI CALGARY Training Floor
10:00-12:30 Classroom knowledge translation sessions CSI CALGARY Boardroom
 12:30-1:30 Lunch on your own
(WinSport has full café with daily lunch specials)
WinSport or offsite
1:30-4:30 On the floor for practical sessions CSI CALGARY Boardroom
4:30-5:00 Round table and daily wrap up CSI CALGARY Boardroom


2017 SPP Course Daily Themes

Monday: Scientific basis for strength and power programming / scientific basis for diagnosing strength and power abilities
Athlete intake, movement assessments, and the daily warm up (quotidian movement assessment)
Program design for hypertrophy and maximal strength
Thursday: Program design for maximal power, reactive strength, speed
Introduction to periodization and monitoring strength abilities


2017 SPP Course What Will You Get


• Time to shadow some of Canada’s top strength and conditioning coaches
• Access to knowledge on training and programming that is based on science not gimmicks
• Under Armor clothing package
• Access to the experts to get your questions answered
• Opportunity to share and collaborate with like minded professionals
• Opportunity to expand your professional network
• Electronic handouts
• Weight room access for select hours each day
• A certificate of completion


• Aspiring strength and conditioning coaches
• Retired athletes interested in the strength and conditioning profession.
• Allied high performance sport professionals looking to learn more about the performance side of strength and power (e.g. physiotherapist, massage therapist, athletic therapist).
• Sport coaches (e.g. Olympic winter sport, Olympic summer sport, professional sport) looking to gain knowledge in the strength and power discipline.
• Young aspiring strength and conditioning coaches with the motivation and discipline to become top level strength coaches. If you are are a recent or soon-to-be graduate of a Kinesiology or related program, you may be eligible for the CSI Calgary Strength and Conditioning Internship and could obtain this course for free.


The CSI Calgary Strength and Power Performance Course is limited to a maximum of 8 participants. We are looking for like-minded professionals willing to learn AND share their knowledge. We are also targeting young aspiring strength and conditioning coaches who are passionate, open and hungry to learn our craft.

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“As a working S&C coach we are always looking to improve ourselves for the benefit of the athletes we coach. This process can sometimes be challenging when going to conferences or courses which often focus on the theory or practice but not a combination of both... This is where the Strength and Power course at the Canadian Sport Institute separates itself as a continuing education program. The course presents you with the opportunity to learn from coaches who have spent years in the trenches working with athletes at the Elite level as well as spending time in the research lab developing applied testing and monitoring programs.

I would highly recommend this course to any strength and conditioning professional, whether you are a coach with 10 years of experience or just cutting your teeth this course provides a tremendous value.”

Kyle Skinner MEd, CSCS, USAW-SP


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