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Strength and Power Performance Course


The Performance Course: May 6th - May 10th, 2019 (Pre-Course Workshop on Day 1 and Day 2 Optional)

The Think Tank: May 8th - May 10th, 2019 (Submit Your Application of Interest - Space is Limited)



About the Course

SPP Course1 InstagramThe Canadian Sport Institute Calgary (CSI Calgary) Strength and Power Performance Course is an exciting educational opportunity that combines experience in a real world high performance training environment, class room knowledge translation and the chance to exchange training ideas and philosophy with some of Canada’s top strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches.

The Strength and Power Performance Course will allow you to go beyond the fads and gimmicks. You will learn the applied science of strength and power training and how to properly integrate different skillsets such as programming and movement assessments into a cohesive training philosophy.

Our primary mission is to assess, monitor, program and deliver strength and power training to improve athlete performance. Our group is focused on the art of S&C including skills like programming for speed/power athletes, endurance athletes, and in late stages of rehabilitation. We are also dedicated on generating new knowledge and understanding through applied strength and power research.

There are two streams to our course:

The Performance Course
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The Performance Course is ideal for coaches who want to learn more about the fundamentals of S&C and how it is integrated into the programs of high performance athletes. Topics covered include:
• Physiology/biomechanics of muscle strength and power
• Program design
• Program delivery
• Movement assessments
• Strength and power assessments
• Coaching and cueing

Using shadowing sessions on the floor with our high performance S&C team, case studies, and hands on practical learning opportunities, you will learn new skills that will transfer immediately to your coaching situation.

The Performance Course is for you if you are:

• An aspiring strength and conditioning coach
• A retired athlete who is interested in the strength and conditioning profession
• An allied high performance sport professional looking to learn more about the performance side of strength and power (e.g. physiotherapist, massage therapist, athletic therapist)
• A sport coach (e.g. Olympic winter sport, Olympic summer sport, professional sport) who is looking to gain knowledge in the strength and power discipline
• If you are a young aspiring strength and conditioning coach who has the motivation and discipline to become a top level strength coach and you are a recent or soon-to-be graduate of a Kinesiology or related program, you may be eligible for the CSI CALGARY Strength and Conditioning Internship and could obtain this course for free

The Performance Course runs five days (Monday to Friday) May 6-10th, 2019 with the first two days an optional pre-course worskop. Please note that the price for the three or five-day course remains the same. Attendees can expect full days including morning classroom instruction and afternoon practical sessions.

The Think Tank 
SPP Course6 FacebookThe Think Tank is an advanced focus group that will participate in daily “Think Tank” sessions on various topics related to high performance S&C. The Think Tank is exclusively for experienced S&C coaches who want to dive into deeper discussions including advanced program design and neuromuscular assessment with our high performance S&C team. We are also looking for attendees who are open minded and who will contribute to the development of all the participants in the Performance Course through informal discussion, and participation in knowledge translation sessions. 
The Think Tank is for you if you are:

• An experienced S&C coach with elite athletes
• Open minded and willing to contribute your knowledge to the group participating in the Performance Course
• Interested in the science of strength and power including monitoring neuromuscular readiness, advanced strength and power assessments, return to sport neuromuscular assessments after injury, periodization of strength and power to optimize performance, and take a multi-disciplinary approach to athlete development

The Think Tank runs over three days (Wednesday to Friday) May 8-10th, 2019. Attendees are expected to contribute informally to the morning class room sessions with attendees in the Performance Course. We are just looking for you to share your experience and enthusiasm for our profession so there is no need to prepare. Afternoons will be dedicated to our exclusive Think Tank discussions with senior members of our high performance S&C team.

Course Location

The CSI Calgary is Canada’s premiere winter sport institute and is located at Winsport Canada Olympic Park. It is home to Canada’s most successful winter Olympic and Paralympic sports, and is a hub for world-class research and application in the strength and power coaching discipline. The CSI Calgary includes:
• A 20,000 square foot training space with 12 Olympic lifting platforms and squat rack stations
• A Sport Performance Laboratory which includes strength and power, exercise physiology, biochemistry, anthropometry and biomechanics areas
• An integrated sport medicine clinic
• A 110 meter Mondo track
• Office space to house 70 personnel who deliver services to Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Course Daily Schedule

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8:30-9:45 On the floor shadowing CSI Calgary Training Floor
10:00-12:30 Classroom knowledge translation sessions CSI Calgary Boardroom
12:30-1:30  Lunch on your own
(Winsport has a full café with daily lunch specials)
Winsport or offsite
1:30-3:30 On the floor practical sessions/ Special Presentations CSI Calgary Training Floor / CSI Calgary Boardroom
3:30-4:30 Round table and daily wrap up CSI Calgary Boardroom

The Peformance Course Daily Themes

Pre-Course Workshop Monday: Scientific basis for strength and power / scientific basis for diagnosing strength and power abilities

Pre-Course Workshop Tuesday: Program design for strength and power

Wednesday: Program evaluation based on athlete intake and neuromuscular assessments for injury prevention

Thursday: Program development for reactive strength, speed and change of direction ability

Friday: Advanced concepts in program design and program development

The Think Tank Daily Themes

Wednesday: Functional force (kinetic) asymmetry assessment

Thursday: Neuromuscular testing for performance, injury prevention and return to sport after injury

Friday: Case studies and knowledge sharing

What Will You Get?

• Time to shadow some of Canada’s top S&C coaches
• Access to knowledge on training and programming based on science
• Access to the experts to get your questions answered
• Opportunity to share and collaborate with like-minded professionals
• Opportunity to expand your professional network
• Electronic handouts
• A certificate of completion
• Continuing education credits – The Course is NSCA CEU approved


The CSI Calgary Strength and Power Performance Course is limited to a maximum of 12 participants per course. We are looking for like-minded professionals willing to learn AND share their knowledge. We are also targeting young aspiring strength and conditioning coaches who are passionate, open and hungry to learn our craft. If you are interested, please complete the online application form below.



The Performance Course
Monday May 6th, 2019 to Friday, May 10th, 2019

The Think Tank
Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 to Friday, May 10th, 2019




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