Canadian Sport Institute Calgary and PROTXX Announce Partnership to Enhance Athlete Concussion Management


October 5th, 2023


Calgary, Alberta — Canadian Sport Institute Calgary (CSI Calgary) and PROTXX today announced a new partnership under which PROTXX wearable sensors, machine learning, and remote patient monitoring products and services will be deployed by CSI Calgary to help practitioners objectively assess postural stability (and the associated neurological processes required for balance) with the end-goals of reducing injury risks for CSI Calgary athletes and helping monitor recovery and readiness to return to training and competition.

PROTXX has pioneered the development of physiological vibration acceleration (phybrata) wearable sensor technologies to enable rapid and portable identification, quantification, and monitoring of sensorimotor and neurological impairments. Research and development collaborations have now demonstrated a wide range of applications, including head trauma (stroke, concussions, chronic exposure to head impacts), diseases (multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease), age-related balance decline, and prolonged exposure to microgravity, which has emerged as a fundamental medical challenge for long-duration space flights.

Phybrata sensors have been deployed in Calgary since 2019 to study and improve the assessment and management of concussions and other head impact related injuries, in a collaboration between PROTXX, CSI Calgary partner Benson Concussion Institute (BCI) and the University of Calgary Human Performance Lab.

“We’re excited to be able to support our athletes, coaches, and staff with these groundbreaking innovations in concussion management,” said Gary Davies, President/CEO of CSI Calgary. “Our partners at BCI have now completed over 3,000 phybrata baseline and post-concussion assessments of CSI Calgary athletes, as part of one of the world's largest longitudinal multi-modal concussion assessment databases, and the results have demonstrated the PROTXX device’s unmatched combination of assessment performance, ease-of-use, and portability.”

“Our partnership with CSI Calgary will allow PROTXX to continue developing and launching important new capabilities that allow treatment protocols to be personalized for each athlete’s unique impairment profile and adapted over time to each athlete’s unique recovery trajectory,” added John Ralston, PROTXX CEO John Ralston.



PROTXX innovations in wearable sensors, machine learning, and remote patient monitoring transform the lives of tens of millions of people living with complex neurophysiological conditions resulting from head trauma, disease, and aging. Rapid, quantitative assessments of each patient’s unique impairment profile support faster and more comprehensive diagnoses and more frequent assessments of patient progress, in the clinic or at home, to inform personalized treatment plans. For more information, visit

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