COVID-19 Education and Skill Building

Sport Science webinars, podcasts and various handouts offering relevant educational opportunities for coaches and NSOs during a time of uncertainty

Financial Wellness

We discuss financial wellness and keeping more of what you earn.

Coaching a New Generation of Athletes into High Performers

Analysis of the new generations and understanding their reality and the type of leadership they require.  

Coach Wellness 101

We discuss the importance of physical, mental and social well-being within coaches and provide tools for coach wellness.

Return To Sport

Perspectives on Health and Sport in Canadian Society.

Mindful Mondays from a Distance: The Mental Aspects of Returning to Train

We will be exploring the emotional and motivational processes involved in returning to training and sport following isolation.

The Basics of Athlete Monitoring

In this session, we cover the why's, what's, and how's of monitoring athlete training and stress response. It provides coaches with simple and effective guidelines…

Mindful Mondays from a Distance: Managing Anxiety

We take this opportunity to explore and better understand anxiety; learning how it impacts our brain, body and mind. The purpose of this webinar is…

Mindful Mondays from a Distance: Goal Setting

We take this unique opportunity to discuss goal setting, debriefing and adaptation. When training begins, coaches are typically overwhelmed with the daily training environment, so…

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